About us

Mentality Clothing was formed off the back of years of struggle. The idea had been dreamt up for a good year but the bottle to actually deliver it took months of COVID-19 inspired lockdown to be discovered.

From South Devon, a part of the world where natural beauty has been greyed out and overshadowed by a pandemic, and no not the aforementioned Coronavirus, but depression and anxiety. The great people who live down here have suffered for so long, whether that be in their own thoughts or through loss of a dearly loved one.

Our story began with both of these.

The past has been well documented, but it was the reaction to this that inspired our formation. Having suffered greatly with depression my whole life, I had been through the system only to continually return to square one on a regular basis.

About a year and a half ago now, I started to take the gym very seriously. My weight, brought about by a diet of rum, beer and other things I don’t want to mention, had ballooned to nearly 20 stone. I needed that light switch moment and it came when I stepped foot in the gym. I had put it off. I hated what I was wearing and how I looked but I knew I couldn’t go on any longer and I had to take the plunge.

The gym was great, I would occasionally fall off and veer towards square one. But I really have been blessed with some great people around me. This invoked a real desire within me to help people, like a weirdly strong desire. I feel I have achieved this but I wanted to do more.

We are Mentality Clothing, more than just a clothing brand. We are a support network, we want to help get you living your best life. Physical activity and exercise helped me massively to where I am today, now 14 (and a bit) stone but also just happy. Our ranges will help get over your fears of looking out of place in what can seem an intimidating environment.

Inspired by the memory of Deaks, here to help you live your best life.